Folk Music

I went to a folk music concert this weekend. This may put you in mind of bearded men playing fiddles and guitars, or women in long skirts singing old ballads, but this concert was neither of these things.

The concert took place in a village hall in Stainton, Teesside. It had been put together by the locals, and it began with one or two of them standing up and giving short recitals. One man sang a song, a second performed two tunes on the trumpet. After that it was time for the main act: Pearl Fawcett on the Accordion. Half time involved some of the locals bringing around trays of tea and biscuits. The second half took the form of the first, with some short recitals followed by more displays of Accordion virtuosity. I’m sure that to some readers, this may sound like musical hell…

Why mention this? Well, I’m a folk music fan. Recently I’ve seen Kate Rusby, Spiers and Boden, Bellowhead and Show of Hands, to name but a few. All authentic British folk musicians delivering authentic British folk music. But if folk music is supposed to be the music of the people, then surely the Stainton Accordion concert is about authentic as it gets?

I’d like to have finished by quoting Joni Mitchell, and saying how Pearl played real good for free, but she charged £5 for a ticket.   Sometimes Real Life has to transcend Art.

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