It’s odd attending a convention only half an hour down the road, particularly when you’ve driven past the Hotel many times and not even registered the fact that it was there.  And Bradford certainly doesn’t have the same ring as Jersey, London or Glasgow.

Even so, LX was an excellent convention.  Well organised, interesting panels, great company, helpful staff.  Even the food was pretty good by con standards.  The only drawback was the number of hotels, meaning that people tended to scatter at night.  

The wisest words of the weekend came from Simon Spanton and were along the lines of “Writers and would be writers sometimes place too much importance on publication.”  I like that.  Sometimes, particularly under pressure of deadlines, or more usually after rejection, we forget why we do this. The answer is, of course, because we enjoy writing.  Sitting down with a bunch of like minded people is a great way to remind oneself of this and to recharge the batteries.

Despite my feelings beforehand, I’m always glad I attended a convention afterwards.  This one was no exception.

Good to see you all there!

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