Ken Drury

I usually keep my two jobs separate, but today I’m going to break that rule.

Ken Drury was the headmaster of my last school, the last Head but one that I served under. He died peacefully in his sleep earlier this week, and I wanted to take a moment to remember him.

He was a big believer in the school as part of the community, so as well as doing his best for pupils in the classroom, he encouraged wider events such as shows, walks, even firework displays to involve the local people.  Face it, these are things you remember from your childhood, not the grades you got in your exams.

Ken was not perfect, but then no one is.  He had a temper, he had his moods, but it’s not easy being the boss, and he got things right far more often than he got them wrong.  His style of management would probably be out of date today, but in my opinion it was the right one for the time and the circumstances.

Dagenham is a poorer place for his retirement and passing.

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