Millionth English Word Coming

Gosh, two blog entries in one day.  But apparently the millionth English Word is due anytime now

so I thought it would be nice if I could be the one who coined it.

So here we go

Accordiobot-  A robot constructed for the specific purpose of playing the accordion

Sploons- Vegetarian spoons used solely for eating lentils

Fruze- That little patch of hair some men get left on the front of their heads when all the hair around has receded.


Hopefully one of those will hit the mark.  I’ll keep you posted

5 Responses to Millionth English Word Coming

  1. Ian Sales says:

    Shouldn’t that patch of hair be called a “spinge”?

  2. Crofty says:

    Isn’t an accordiobot simply an accordion that plays with itself?

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