Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction 2

Two things

1) My wife won a prize in a raffle this weekend.  The raffle was for a local brass band, and we were expecting the usual bottle of wine, or maybe a box of after dinner mints that was three months past its sell by date having done the rounds of bring and buy sales and church fetes for the past four years.  Instead she won…

… a 1Gb USB flash drive.  I remember handing one of these round at a meeting about five years ago and having to explain what it was.  It’s astonishing how quickly new devices go mainstream nowadays.  Think how long it took VCR to catch on.

The most amazing thing is, of course, the fact that she won something useful at a raffle.

2) A friend of mine has just returned from Australia.  He’s telling me all about it, not by phone, not by email, but via the game messaging system in between turns on Facebook Scrabble.

No SF author ever predicted that.

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