Thank you to Afront for recommending this rather excellent series way back when I stopped watching Heroes:

I don’t know if they’re making a second series, I can’t bothered to Google and find out at the moment (research is not what this blog is about, nor is being at the forefront of things).

But what a series!  It started out a little like Joe 90 (remember that?) with the dolls of the series being implanted with different personalities to tackle that week’s mission, but it gradually became something much stranger.

Too many people mourn the passing of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.  Watching programs like this, makes me think we are just entering it, because this was Science Fiction on television like nothing I’ve seen before.  Rather than just sticking to the same basic concept for each episode as just about every series has done in the past, Joss Wheedon and the crew extrapolated their basic premise in true Science Fiction fashion to an ending that I for one did not see coming.

The cast also deserve a mention, by the way:  the same actors protrayed markedly different characters each week.  This can’t be easy. (Though a lot of the female cast looked the same to me: thin with long dark hair.  I kept getting Echo and Dr Sawyer mixed up)

Sometimes we can be a little negative. I’m fed up of hearing that print is dying out, that the short story is dead and that the younger generation aren’t interested in Science Fiction.  I say that Science Fiction is changing and there is something rather ironic about Science Fiction fans not recognising this.  Things like Dollhouse are an illustration of this and hopefully the shape of things to come.

Buy the DVDs for the first series, and look forward to watching the next one (ok, I looked…)

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