Blood and Iron

The sequel to Twisted Metal will be titled Blood and Iron.

For most of the time of writing it was known as Untitled Robot Book, and that’s the name that appears on the contract, but the title itself caused me more problems than any other story I’ve written.  Odd really, bearing in mind I’ve had the novel plotted since before I started Twisted Metal, and the characters virtually wrote the story themselves.

But I just couldn’t figure out what the title was going to be… until my agent advised me just to read through the MS.  “You’ll find it there in the text,” he said, and he was right.  Right in the middle of Chapter 10, in a meeting between humans and robots, there was the phrase Blood and Iron.

This time, unlike with Twisted Metal, I looked up the phrase on Google.   Coincidentally, Bismark used the phrase (or almost used it: he said “iron and blood”) in a speech confusingly known as the “Blood and Iron” speech.  Further checking showed there was no “Blood and Iron” video game.

None of that mattered, really.  Blood and Iron felt right. I knew that was the title.

I’ve seen the Jon Sullivan’s black and white rough for the cover, by the way.  It looks amazing.  The plan is to have the background in blood red, the foreground character in iron grey.

I’m currently thinking about starting book 3.  To me, it will be “The Book of Robots” but that’s not a very commercial title.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

7 Responses to Blood and Iron

  1. Mark Chitty says:

    Thanks for the insight Tony, it’s good to know that authors have trouble coming up with a title. When I heard what it was going to be I instantly knew it was the right one, especially with the way Twisted Metal ended. Looking forward to it very much!

  2. Very much looking forward to it, Twisted Metal was great and now humans will be in it. Do you know when it will be out and when it will be available to order?
    Notice there are two other books called this on Amazon.

    • I just got the cover copy from Julie Crisp at Macmillan yesterday which says the book will be out April 2 2010. I’ll check on this and post confirmation when I have it. Glad you enjoyed TM!

  3. I loved Blood And Iron and I can’t wait for part 3. Please do call it The Book of Robots, that’s a brilliant title, and it’s commercial enough considering it’s the kind of title a sci-fi reader would want to pick up.

  4. Gregorius Maximus Augustus says:

    Why not call book 3 “Penrose”?

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