Folk against Fascism


Now, I realise that I am stretching the brief of this blog a little by including a picture of a melodeon (we deal with robots and accordions here, after all) but it’s for a good cause…

Why Folk against Fascism?  Well, if you haven’t heard, this is not so much a call for Morris Dancers to take up arms, but rather the reaction of a group of musicians who are understandably annoyed that the BNP are trying to hitch their wagon to traditional English music.  Crofty describes all this rather well on his blog.  The FAF site is here (and includes an interesting take on the issue by Jon Boden)

Personally, I’m pleased if anyone wants to come along and listen to the music and help keep the tradition alive. What’s annoying is appropriating someone else’s work for your own political ends.  What’s irritating is when you don’t appear to have studied that work in the first place.

Anyway, I’m going to see Show of Hands tomorrow night in Chester.  They’re quite folky, if anyone is interested.

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