Snow Day

This is isn’t a twitter type blog.  If you want to know how I spend my days then you really should consider getting a hobby.  I don’t do anything that interesting in my spare time anyway, to be honest.


The sky is a brilliant blue, outside there is well over a foot of snow that has not really gone away since the week before Christmas.  Snow has been falling on snow so everything is clean and white, snow is piled up on the branches of the trees and stuffed deep into the bushes.  The snow is so deep on the road outside my house that no-one is attempting even  to put grit down, never mind trying to drive along it.  The schools are all closed for the third day running and as the snow isn’t melting the snowmen are forming crowds on the lawns.  There are thrushes, starlings, young blackbirds and magpies everywhere, eating the scraps that people have put out for them, and because no-one can really go anywhere, people are looking more relaxed and they’re taking the time to stop and chat.

Someone on the radio this morning said that Snow Days are costing the economy a fortune.  I’ll try and look as if I care.

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