Stone Age, Iron Age

I’ve just got the copy edited manuscript for Blood and Iron from Macmillan and I’m busy working through it.  It always amazes me the inconsistencies the copy editor picks up.  The MS must have been read by at least six people by now, including me,  and none of us noticed that I used the same word eight times on one page, or that one character knows another’s name even though they’ve never met before.

The copy editor also queried the fact that I said the Stone Age came after the Iron Age.  In fact everyone so far has pointed out this is the wrong way round.  They’re right of course, but I state here, for the record, before the reviews come in, that on Penrose the robots learned to handle iron long before they learned to handle stone.  In fact, for robots, the Iron Age means the time of the birth of the robots.

Okay, I make it me 1, copy editor 552 and counting.

6 Responses to Stone Age, Iron Age

  1. uninvoked says:

    Your way makes a lot more sense really. I use a tag cloud generator to catch repeat words in my work.

  2. Afront says:

    Sorry it took me so long, but I’ve just finished Twisted Metal and was blown away by it – what a brilliant book! I liked it so much I’ve just pre-ordered Blood and Iron.

  3. Thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Duracell says:

    I stumbled across Recursion in a second hand bookshop a number of years ago, and was completely immersed in it by the end of the day. A truly remarkable book – Well written – Astonishing in it’s scope and depth – Intelligent – And above all immensely entertaining!

    I quickly sought out Capacity, and bought Divergence on the day it came out. It was one of the best sci-fi (or any “fi” for that matter!) trilogies I have ever read, so as soon as Twisted Metal appeared I picked up a copy. Again I was genuinely impressed. I eagerly await Blood and Iron.

    Keep up the great work – It is great to see sci-fi writing putting the emphasis back on the “sci” part, without becoming inaccessible or less entertaining as a result!

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