Blood and Iron Extract

I finished checking the page proofs for Blood and Iron today.  I’ve posted an extract over on my website:  follow the link

4 Responses to Blood and Iron Extract

  1. Nicola Rollin says:

    Hi, I’ve just finished reading Twisted Metal and would love to read Blood and Iron – do you have any idea if it will be coming to ebook format any time soon? I read Twisted Metal via the new Apple i-books store and would like to be able to complete my set.

    And while I’m on the subject, I read one of your other books, Capacity, before I realised it was the middle book of the trilogy. It would be great if I could get my hands on Recursion, Capacity and Divergence in ebook format too but I can’t find Recursio on any uk Ebooks site. Is it/will it be avaialble as far as you’re aware? Many thanks!

    • Hi Nicola

      Sorry to take so long to reply- I’m just back from a few days holiday.

      I don’t know about the ebooks- I’ll email Macmillan and find out. Glad you enjoyed TM!


  2. Ben Wilkinson says:

    Hi Tony – have just picked up Twisted Metal, so looking forward to Blood and Iron. Very much enjoying TM’s unique ideas.


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