Three German Words

Did you know that the German for Daffodil is Osterglocke, which means Easter Bell?

Or that Pansy is Stiefmütterchen, which means Little Mother-in-Law?

Or that Daisy is Gänseblume, which means Goose Flower?

A German teacher told me this on Monday, and I thought I might share it.

I realise that the above has nothing to do with the two themes of this blog, but there is more to life than robots and accordions.

3 Responses to Three German Words

  1. jack pyl says:

    Pansy is from the French “pensee” originally, which struck me as very, well, French: the flower as an object of contemplation
    PS I just finished “recursion”. It ate my brain like a starving supervirus. Many thanks.

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