Holidays are over, so its back to writing.

I spent some time in Alnwick, visiting the spectacular castle and gardens, I was also lucky enough to see folk band the Old Dance School- more on them another time.

I’ve also been to France, during which time I visited Monet’s gardens in Giverny, which according to Wikipedia was the focus of Monet’s artistic production for the last 30 years of his life.  Very pretty they were too, though what I find really interesting were the borderlands:  the way that a normal stretch of river suddenly flows through an area of willows, wisterias and bamboo before emerging back into the French countryside.  The house was was also very pleasant, with its yellow bedroom with windows opening up onto the gardens themselves.  I wanted to live there myself, but unfortunately the wardens asked me to leave.

Okay, back to work…

2 Responses to Holidays

  1. Crofty says:

    You didn’t mention the ukulele – or your overall impressions of the garden (snigger)

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