Where do you get your ideas from?

Here’s a picture of me researching Penrose 2.5: Stories from the Northern Road.

Stories from the Northern Road

3 Responses to Where do you get your ideas from?

  1. Duracell says:

    Hi Tony,

    Speaking of ideas; I know you have previously mentioned that old English ballads have been a source of inspiration for you. I presume that the following line from “Blood and Iron” was a nod to Coleridge’s Kubla Kahn:

    “And, oh, what vision the Emperor had displayed when he had his stately garden decreed.”

    I am still really looking forward to the final installment in the Penrose trilogy. Any news of when (or if?) we can expect it to be published?


  2. I too have been have been waiting for the 3rd book for what feels like forever. I think it was made worse since I came across and brought the 1st book a few months before the 2nd book came out. Having grabbed the 2nd book the day it started selling and read both books so close to each other, it makes this delay unbearable. My girlfriend is also looking forward to the completion of the series too.

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