Wayne Rooney likes Harry Potter

April 4, 2009

According to this news report, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7982803.stm, Wayne Rooney is indeed a fan of Harry Potter, as JK Rowling’s stories “Get your imagination going”, in his words.

So who’s going to laugh first?  Well, nobody, I hope.

But I bet someone will.  I remember a comedian doing just that on the TV program HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, a few months ago.  Wayne Rooney AND JK Rowling? It’s too easy a target for some people.

But of course, the whole point of the campaign is to get children reading.  There can’t be many people who disagree with that aim.  The last thing that some nine year old, who has been persuaded to pick up a book for pleasure for the first time in months, needs to hear are sophisticates sneering at their choice and role model. 

It reminds me of the negative comments directed against comics when I was younger. It seems that every time children read something for pleasure, someone wants to stop them doing so in order to get them reading.  

Some contradiction there, surely?