Stories from the Northern Road (Penrose 2.5)

August 8, 2012

Cover art by Fangorn

The first ever collection from one of the UK’s finest SF authors: Tony Ballantyne, who has been a finalist for the Philip K Dick award and whose short fiction has featured regularly in Years Best SF anthologies. A quartet of brand new stories set on the world of Penrose (introduced in the novels Twisted Metal and Blood and Iron) join five stories set in the Recursion universe to produce Stories from the Northern Road. This is Tony Ballantyne at his best.


  1. Introduction

Stories from the Northern Road

  1. A Note from the Author
  2. Four Blind Horses
  3. Janet Verdigris
  4. Isabel and the Outlandish Robots
  5. The Robot Behind Me

Recursive Tales

  2. Restoring the Balance 1
  3. Restoring the Balance 2
  4. Seeds
  5. The Sixth VNM

Released September 2012, as a Signed Hardback Edition, limited to 125 copies: £19.99


New Website

June 13, 2009

You may have noticed that I’m in the process of updating my website

Following the success of this blog, I’ve now installed WordPress on my webserver, and I’m currently in the process of transferring new content across.  Once this is complete I’ll get to work on the theme.  Bearing in mind WordPress is free, the least I can do for them is to plug their services.  Follow the link at the bottom of this page to find out more.

I’d apologise for the inconvenience, but let’s face it, if the unavailability of an SF author’s website is the biggest incovenience you face over the next few days, you really do need to get out more.


April 29, 2009

Mark Chitty, over at Walker of Worlds, has just posted this interview with me, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Sci-Fi London

April 27, 2009

In order to help promote Sci-fi London,  I’ve been given two free tickets to give away to anyone who wants to attend my panel on Robots and Reality,

The first two people who email me at will get the tickets.

As an extra incentive, anyone who buys tickets for any of the literary panels over the weekend can have two for the price of one if they use the words AUTHOR BLOG when they book by telephone on 020 7451 9944.  This offer is good until Friday 1st May.

Hope to see you there!


April 22, 2009

I’ll be signing copies of Twisted Metal at Forbidden Planet, London

Saturday 2nd May, 2-3pm

Please note the slight change of time.  This will be followed by a panel at Sci-Fi-London, 

Apollo Piccadilly Circus

Saturday 2nd May, 5.15pm

‘Robots and Reality’ discussion with Oisin McGann


March 26, 2009


If you have a subscription to Nature Magazine, you might want to look out for my short story TAKEAWAY,  appearing in the 19th March edition. 

If you don’t have a subscription, you can view the article for a  one off payment of $32.  To be honest, you would be better waiting for an anthology of my stories, if I ever get the time to do something about producing one.

Signing: Forbidden Planet

March 25, 2009
I’ll be signing copies of Twisted Metal at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 2nd May from 1 – 2pm.
Follow the link to find out more


March 18, 2009

This years Alt.Fiction has been cancelled, or at least postponed until 2010. That’s a great shame, this small but excellently run Derby based event is one of my favourites. Apparently there may be some smaller events coming at the end of 2009. I hope so!

There is going to be a website detailing future progress. I’ll post the link here as soon as I get it.

Birmingham SF Group 13/3/09

February 27, 2009
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal

I’ll be giving a talk to the Birmingham SF group on Friday 13th March on “What SF Means to Me”.

As well as getting to hear my personal definition of SF, you can hear how this influenced the writing of my latest novel, Twisted Metal. This would have been a very different book if I hadn’t followed that definition.

Doors open at 7:30, the meeting starts at 8pm, you can find out more by following the link below.